Sunday, March 30, 2008

April 3, 2008 Common Thread Meeting

Our April 3rd (Thursday night) speaker will be Cathy Lindsey, Evolutionary Astrologer.Cathy will share her near death experience to explain her unique journey to her life’s purpose of Evolutionary Astrology. She will provide basic examples of how Evolutionary Astrology differs from traditional Astrology. Cathy also will be sharing the Evolutionary perspective of your Sun Sign and provide a brief explanation of the 12 houses.Now the exciting stuff…….for all levels….whether you know astrology or not:Cathy will take you through an Evolutionary Astrology view of Elvis Presley’s fascinating chart to illustrate some key points. Cathy will also go into depth about the awesome chart of 2012 and what it means to the evolution of Humanity on Earth. She is looking forward to pointing out vital information in the leading presidential candidate astrological charts. Speaking of “Insider Information”!! Come and have some fun.
Cathy Lindsey's passion lies in guiding you on your Soul’s Evolution for this lifetime. By understanding the lessons you are working on from past lives you learn to heal, so you can move towards your Souls’ intent, and use the gifts, strengths, and talents that are in your birth chart.After a near death and life-changing experience with cancer, Cathy's psychic gifts and Astrology interest became activated around 1994. Her mission became Evolutionary Astrology, Soul and Spiritually based Astrology, to guide others in their Soul’s intent while honoring the free will that we all have. She has studied with Jeffrey Wolf Green and Steven Forrest, is a graduate of Steven’s Astrological Apprenticeship Program, and has studied Esoteric Astrology from the University of Seven Rays. She has also studied Psychology, Sociology, metaphysics and ancient wisdoms.Cathy does many readings and events throughout the Midwest and has developed a following interested in her life changing ”Soul” level of work. She is spending a lot more of her time, writing articles and books on several astrological subjects. Cathy is available for teaching and speaking engagements by request and will travel within the U.S.
Our May 1st meeting (May Day! Maybe we should do May Day Baskets!) will be an Open Forum discussion. If you have any thoughts on the topic you would like to discuss, please comment below.
Then in June, Barbara Kerns will talk to us about Spiritual Response Therapy.
Hope to see you all this Thursday night!

With love and light,
Bev Stone
The Common Thread Group