Wednesday, August 27, 2008

September 4th - The Common Thread Group

Beyond "The Secret": problems, solutions, and advanced uses of the Law of Attraction.

The movie "The Secret" has been criticized as being too materialistic. Steve Stone, our presenter this month agrees with that opinion and wishes to dive into that aspect of the topic. "We are finding that the Law of Attraction isn't as easy to apply as we have been led to think", Steve says. "So I would like to lead a discussion, not just give a lecture, about when the L of A works, when it doesn't, and why."

Steve feels that success in the Law of Attraction begins with our beliefs and our ability to change them. Additionally, there is much more to consider rather than just accumulating money, health, or a good relationship. Soul purpose, working in groups, and educating children are other great topics of conversation if we have time.

Steve says he has had a strong draw to the study of the Law of Attraction from the first time he learned of the concept, then called "manifestation". This has led to an intense study of the topic over the last six years to the point where he now sponsors a blog on the subject: Messages From The Old Monk. Feel free to visit his musings at .