Tuesday, August 23, 2011

September 1st - Common Thread Meeting

The Common Thread Group will meet at 7pm in Waveland Hall at Plymouth on Thursday, September 1st.  Once again, we will begin with a short meditation, a few announcements of other events happening in Des Moines, and Cathy Lindsey's astrological outlook for September.

This month we're excited to have Michael Mapes as our speaker.
Psychic... Medium... Speaker... Spiritual Teacher... Published Author... these are just some of the words that describe Minneapolis based psychic medium Michael Mapes. Michael is not your typical psychic. At the age of five, Michael declared to his preschool teacher that he was a psychic. Since that time Michael has read for people on every continent, worked with the police to solve crimes and participated in scientific research on mediums. He has appeared on dozens of shows including APSR Radio, The Joyce Kellar Show, The Xzone, Angels Among Us, Power 96.5 and many more. He has been featured in various print publications and is known for his accurate down-to earth style.

Michael's Topic:

Spiritual Tesseracts: Achieve Spiritual Freedom & Personal Empowerment

A tesseract is a concept that transcends our normal way of thinking about traveling from one point to another. In this lecture, Michael builds on this literary and scientific concept as it applies to our spiritual lives.Using the concept of the tesseract, Michael will help you uncover the revolutionary force inside yourself that can help you achieve your dreams and resonate with a sense of unshakeable peace.

Michael T. Mapes
Internationally Known Psychic and Medium

Michael will be available for readings at Morning Light Bookstore on Friday, Sep 2nd, 11am-4pm and Saturday, Sep 3rd, 11am-3pm.  Call Morning Light to reserve your time....(515) 255-9256.
Morning Light Bookstore - 1251 73rd St # C, Windsor Heights