Sunday, November 25, 2012

December 6, 2012 Common Thread Group

We will meet again on Thursday, December 6th, in Waveland Hall in Plymouth Church at 7pm. 

The meditation will be at the end of our gathering this month.  Ofelia Mohr will lead us in a very special Group Meditation in a Yang Spiral Formation.  You can read more about this meditation by going to Ofelia's website...

We will begin the meeting with a few short announcements (please remember to keep this short, my dear friends!), and then Cathy Lindsey will give us her astrological update on how we are being affected by the planets!  November was a beaut; we'll see what December has in store for us.  After all, isn't that what we have been talking about all year?  In fact, that is our topic this month:


 What will happen on 12-21-12?  Will anything happen on 12-21?  Is the world supposed to end like some on the History Channel predict?  What about the Mayan Calendar - how does that fit in?  What is all this talk about ascension?  Will that happen on 12-21?

We aren't going to say we have all the answers.  We won't even say we have all the questions, but we think the time is perfect for all of us to discuss this confusing and controversial topic at our last meeting before that magic date.

We won't have a chosen presenter for our meeting, but a panel of active students of the topic will answer questions and discuss/debate as many issues as we have time for.  Scott Houston, Anita Shekinah, and Steve Stone, all past presenters for Common Thread, have agreed to participate and we are attempting to make contact with a fourth and perhaps fifth. 

Please join us with your questions - and answers!  It is certain to be an entertaining evening.