Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thursday - February 3rd - Common Thread Group

Our February meeting will once again meet in Waveland Hall at Plymouth Church at 7pm.  (If you are thinking of joining us for the first time, you'll see details of our location and who we are in the right column.)

We will have free tickets available to the Iowa Holistic Expo which will be March 5th & 6th this year at the Marriott Hotel, downtown Des Moines. Free parking is available across the street in the city ramp for both Saturday and Sunday. Go to and click on Iowa for details.

We will begin with a short meditation, a few short announcements, and Cathy Lindsey's Monthly Astrological Report.  (You can read the previous reports by clicking on Cathy's name to the right side of your screen.)  Our speaker this month will be Kim O'Hara. 

Kim O’Hara will be speaking on the topic of PSYCH-K.

Our lives are based on our perceptions of the world and those perceptions are based on our beliefs. By changing those limiting beliefs that are holding us back, we can energetically change the quality of the experiences we attract into our lives, and thus, change the very fabric of our lives! PSYCH-K is an excellent tool to help you accomplish this as it changes beliefs where they reside – in the subconscious mind!

Kim will present a brief overview of the science behind PSYCH-K, including some information about the breakthroughs of cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton, who wrote Biology of Belief, and is a strong supporter of PSYCH-K. She will then share some proven techniques that you can use at home to change subconscious mind beliefs by enhancing whole brain function and reducing stress naturally. After the main presentation and time for questions, Kim will ask those interested to join in a group balancing of a statement or two chosen by the group. It should be fun to feel the energy shift for so many people around the chosen topics. Popular group balancing statements include “The Universe is safe,” “I trust myself,” and “I am the peace I seek.”

Kim’s Bio: For 20 years, Kim was an attorney and successful insurance executive. In 1997, she left the business world to become an energy healer. In 2004, she moved to Utah and started a more conventional coaching business. While her clients were happy with her services, she was unhappy with her inability to consistently effect meaningful change for them. As we know, insights don’t heal you, and change can be difficult using traditional talk methods. Last fall, Kim discovered PSYCH-K and the desire to help people in a meaningful way was reborn, with the confidence that comes from having the right tools to do the job! Kim is absolutely thrilled to have returned to coaching, to be offering the elegance of PSYCH-K to her clients.

For more information about Kim or PSYCH-K, please visit her website: