Saturday, February 28, 2009

March 5th - Common Thread Meeting

During our last few meetings, I have asked for suggestions for this month’s Common Thread Open Forum. A number of you came to me and I received a number of emails encouraging more talks on 2012. Since we have had a lot of discussion on this topic over the past year, yet the topic still is in our “top of mind awareness”, perhaps we should take another perspective on the subject.

We have been dealing with tons of DOOM & GLOOM from hundreds of directions. As we know, when we think about DOOM & GLOOM we get more DOOM & GLOOM! Let’s talk about the LOVE & LIGHT that is appearing now in 2009 as well as what we can project into 2012!

Let’s share the positive experiences that we see happening to others and ourselves and get into a discussion about what we would like to see in our future.

HOMEWORK: During the week ahead take note of the positives to share with the group.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I couldn't have planned a better celebration on my first evening as an American citizen. Thanks for the opportunity. I had so much fun. Could you tell? I have three things I'd like to offer.

Firstly, here a link to the recording of the session for anyone who may be interested in listening to it again since I was attempting to cover a lot of ground. It is downloadable. Secondly, for the group activity on "prosperity and abundance"here is the link to the abundance affirmations requirement is to read this mindfully twice each day for40 consecutive days (means if you miss out, start again),with the intention of opening up to a higher power. Thirdly, if anyone wishes to take advantage of the clearing that Barbara and I do periodically for the "abundance group", they need to send me an email at so we can add them to the list. There is no cost. Just give to your favorite charity as and when the heart moves.

Thank you once again.

Cathy Linsay's February Astrology Report
February – Aquarius
Evolutionary Astrology mantra for Aquarius is: “I BREAK FREE WITH NEW CREATIVITY IN MYSELF”

Fixed, air sign of positive polarity.
SYMBOL: The water bearer – the energy bearer.
RULING PLANETS: Saturn and Uranus.
COLORS: iridescent blues.
RULES: the circulation and the ankles

Aquarius energy:
The energy of the rebel, those that buck the system when they need to and when it needs it. The energy of the thinker, one whom thinks non-traditionally, “out side the box” thinking. Futuristic thinking!
Lots of electrical energy. Sudden things happening, sudden changes.
The energy of independence, both receiving and giving independence. Freedom!
The energy of the humanitarian. No lines, no color, no judgment…everyone is created equal.
Responsibility to the collective community
Thinking “outside the box” on a Spiritual level. Beyond the normal on a Spiritual level.

February Full Moon: is in Leo. IT is also an Eclipse. The Eclipse is at 21 degrees Leo and it happens at 10:49 am. Full Moons are a time to release. Chiron and Neptune are also conjunct this Eclipse/Full Moon.

Leo Full Moon: Leo gets us back into the heart of the action. It is a time to get with friends and gather and let our light shine. A time to express ourselves and appreciate one another. Celebrate, ritualize, dramatize, and keep close to the truth. Keep true to the heart! Be playful.

This full moon Eclipse is a powerful one. Chiron and Neptune are conjunct it. With Chiron (the wounded healer) blending with it, there will be an emphasis on your wound in your own chart and the wound of the collective. With it being in Leo, this very much would/could have to do with the wound of the “leaders” of the world. Individually: This is a time for recognition. What do you want to be recognized for? Will you move on or stay disillusioned in the wounds of the past? Something will be cut loose. Then with Neptune…..the ability to use high spirituality on a leadership level. Within your self or the world. Don’t get pulled into the delusions or fogginess of things.

This eclipse will be the testing point for the new ideas sparked on the Solar Eclipse.

Aquarian thoughts must survive the emotional waters of the eclipse Full Moon. We my want to save the world, but we must save ourselves first. Many times the Aquarian rebels re working to move things forward which are very threatening to the status quo.

Many may find themselves confused as the past no longer works like it did, and there is no clear path ahead. February New Moon: On February 24th, is in Pisces at 6 degrees, at 7:35 pm. New Moons are a time of manifestation, a time to listen to your higher self. This New Moon being in Pisces makes for a heightened intuition. Meditate, create (manifest) your future. Get in touch with your creativity, higher creativity. Let your imagination flow. It is a time of great psychic sensitivity. A time of direct connection with Source! Listen to your guidance! Create from what you hear, see, feel or just know!

This Months Planets:

Mercury --Turns direct on Feb 1st at 21 degrees Cap.
Begin working your strategy after today.

Venus – Feb. 2nd. Venues enters the sign of Aries and your desires can become self oriented unless they are inspired with leadership. Can also have lots of passion in your love life, a little sassiness, adding spice to relationships. Watch out though for unenlightened selfishness.
Mars -- On Feb 4th Mars enters Aquarius. As Mars moves through Aquarius a surge of energy and vitality takes place in the lives of all especially Aquarians. The energy of mars is more group focused. The warrior and don’t fence me in. Beware of alienation of self. Also lots of passion in like minded group agenda’s.
Jupiter - Is in Aquarius and will be till this time next year! Expansive Jupiter in Aquarius brings about a time of experiment and taking chances. “Thinking outside the box” is accentuated unconventional thought, with Jupiter representing an increase and rapid growth, in many areas. This may lead to unusual, but very humane encounters with richness and prosperity. The ability to reach higher knowledge in all areas (inside the box or out) and an expansion of consciousness.
Saturn – is retrograde in Virgo. Everyone is feeling this especially the Virgo’s and Capricorn’s. Internalizing your inner structure, your inner “outline” of what you think your life should/could be. Reevaluating your finance’s your integrity and respect for your self and others. Starting new business’s or structures should be thought out now, but not started till Saturn goes direct on May 2nd! Also Uranus is opposing Saturn off and on all year….wanting “change” in the old structures of self and others and the world.
Uranus – is in Pisces and direct all month. However Uranus is opposing Saturn, off and on all year, bringing about urges and energy to make changes in your inner structures and out structures. In all the Uranian and Pisces areas. Out side the box spirituality and higher knowledge and thinking are defiantly on the table with Uranus in Pisces! Also bringing about great creative projects.

Neptune – is in Aquarius direct. This is a long term aspect. Neptune in Aquarius again, brings the ability to think outside the box on the spiritual and creative levels. To bring unconditional love to humanity and the planet. Chiron is now conjunct Neptune in Aquarius giving us the electrical energy to “heal” the Chiron wound that we each have and the world wound, by thinking outside the box on a humanitarian spiritual level.Pluto – is in Capricorn as it will be for the next several years. Pluto wants to transform all the Capricorn structures. Pluto has started out with a bang as we all know. Capricorn being the ruler of corporate America, the government, the military and the stock market, banks etc. etc. The transformation wanting the heart and Soul (Pluto transformation of the Soul) put back into business’s the government, the stock market, etc. etc.