Tuesday, October 25, 2011

November 3rd - Common Thread Group

We will meet at 7pm in Waveland Hall at Plymouth on Thursday, November 3rd.  As usual, we will begin with a short meditation, a few short announcements of other events happening in Des Moines, and Cathy Lindsey's astrological outlook for the month.

With so many of our friends and relatives leaving us to return Home, our topic may be just what we need to hear.  This month we are excited to have Barbara Gabriel as our speaker.  Barbara's presentation will be "Life between Lives".   What happens to us when we are between lives on earth? How and why do we chose to come back?  Who helps us chose our lessons, and our life plan? Barbara will address these and more in her talk.  On Nov 3, she is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and joy with us all! 

Barbara Gabriel has been working with individuals, doing readings, and leading workshops for over 25 years. She has worked with people in many walks of life, with many spiritual backgrounds. “I believe we have everything inside of us to live happy, healthy, productive lives. One of my gifts is to help you remember how to access yourself internally (and to facilitate your continuing use of the same) to bring you more peace, joy, love, and freedom!”

She helps facilitate changes in the way one deals with life, in the ways one responds, reacts, and handles life's stresses. She teaches ways to heal your heart, your soul, your spirit.

“Through my abilities as a visionary, I can see your lifetimes, life lessons, and karmas. I can see you on your path. From there, I can help you let go of what you are ready to release, and give you tools to cope with the rest!! I 'see' what you are creating. I work with your belief system to help you understand and create a better life for yourself!!”

Barbara Gabriel facilitates through teaching and interactive classes, or workshops: manifestation, self love, overcoming obstacles such as fear, worry; and also all the intuitive classes, such as actively remembering past lives, working with personal energy and self healing, and also learning to feel and hear your angles and guides. All of these are interactive to help one function better in the world, through understanding, experience and knowledge. This then enhances ones life and brings peace and understanding to us and our world.


“I believe it’s all about choice.
I am dedicated to truth: to the discovery of the self,
through pain, suffering and stress; or through love, freedom, peace, and joy. Your choice!!
I believe every soul born to Earth has a path, a journey, a story, a value;
I help one enhance that journey, that life, that experience, that value!”
Barbara Gabriel

Barbara will be available for private consultations while she is in Des Moines.  Please call Sandy Duncan (515)360-8148 or email her sdunk@dwx.com to set your appointment.

"I believe every soul born to earth has a path, a journey, a story,a life worth living. My job is to help one enhance that path, that journey,by inspiring inner growth, encouraging healthy choices, change,and by empowering self transformation. I wish to open the windows of the heart and soul of each Being to the beauty of their inner life, bringing love, peace, healing, and joy to our world. I believe each of us has everything we need to live happy, healthy, productive lives; it is our right! And it is my gift to help you remember how to access your own inner wisdom, allowing growth, creating joy, and a deep sense of peace, security, love, and connection!!"   Barbara Gabriel