Friday, June 25, 2010

July 1st - Common Thread Meeting

The Common Thread meeting will begin at 7pm in Waveland Hall on Thursday, July 1st. We will, as usual begin with a meditation followed by a few announcements and Cathy Lindsey's monthly astrological report.

Our speaker this month will be Scott Houston. He is an active member of Common Thread and Tuesdays’ meetings of The Gathering, Scott is a spiritual counselor and he makes great use of the “FORWARD” button for spiritual email and websites.

Seriously though… Scott has extensively studied 2012 and many other related scientific and spiritual issues. Obviously, he has been searching the spiritual path his whole life. From dabbling in Satanism as an adolescent to an ordained minister to evangelical cultism, he certainly has a broad history. We usually edit a speaker’s introduction to make it more marketable or sometimes less wordy, but today we feel Scott’s words directly say so very much more about him and how he will enlighten us (pun intended). Scott said:

I'd like to share various ideas from a book I am writing called "Zen Behind The Words Of Jesus" that goes beneath the surface and traditional interpretations of Jesus' words to reveal the higher consciousness concepts that He and ALL other avatars have always taught . It's my hope that by showing this "COMMON THREAD" of all religions it will help promote oneness and help those in attendance share/bond with those of other belief systems - especially Christianity. This may also help heal those offended by our culture’s dominant religion by pointing out some beliefs are merely ego identities and have not yet seated in spirit. I will also share some synchronistic aspects of my own journey. I will resist the temptation to teach Zen which will be hard cause it is SO beautiful "No where to get to and no one to go there" the PERFECTION of life. I'm very humbled speaking these truths when even a great Zen master on his death bed said "In my life I have uttered many vain babblings trying to express that which is inexpressible." I hope, in closing, to awaken people to the perfection of life and therefore themselves, followed by miracles and pulling a rabbit out of my hat or your money back. LOL

We are excited and can’t wait for next Thursday. Come early to save a seat.