Monday, January 28, 2013

February 7, 2013 - Common Thread Group

The Common Thread Group will meet on February 7th in Waveland Hall at Plymouth Church beginning at 7pm. We will open with a brief meditation, followed by a few short announcements (we ask that you, please, be respectful of our presenters by keeping these short. You may place additional information on the tables for people to review). Cathy Lindsay will then give her report on the astrological aspects for month.
Have you ever seen a member of the spiritual community pull their necklace up and start spinning the pendulum? Or pull a pendulum out of their purse or pocket and start swinging it to and fro or in a circle? Sometimes, you can see them mumbling something under their breath.

Well, the technical term for that is "dowsing". Originally, dowsers were people using two wands to find places to dig water wells, and it could be very effective. There are even now dowser groups in Iowa and locally that have meetings to practice their talents, although now dowsing is more spiritual connection than water wells.

One of our members who is very, very talented with this technique is Barbara Kerns and she will share some of her wisdom and experience with us at our next meeting on Thursday, February 7th. She will introduce the Dowsers she has studied with, the books they have written & of course, the main agenda they have in their teachings. Robert Detzler, Raymon Grace as well as Annalise Hagemann, Joey Korn and one or two others are ones she has known or studied.

There is talent to this, but it is a talent we can all learn.

Barbara Kerns has been a student of metaphysics since her early teens. She is a graduate of the Science of Mind Course, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Counselor. Barbara was introduced to Spiritual Response Therapy in 1988 at a First Iowa Dowser’s meeting. A new book, “Your Mind Net”, by Robert Detzler was the subject of discussion that day. Barbara purchased a copy and by 1991 had become a serious student of SRT earning her Certified Counselor’s Certificate and, soon after, she became qualified as a Certified Teacher. She no longer teaches but continues to do consultations and clearings when requested.

Recently, Barbara became interested in Access Consciousness and the “Bars” process. She became a certified facilitator and is now able to provide a Bars session for those interested.

You can reach Barbara by phone at 515-289-0518 or email at