Saturday, November 29, 2008

December 4th, 2008 Common Thread Meeting

Happy Holidays Everyone!
I know how difficult it is to be happy right now with the economy where it is and the terrible news we receive from broadcasts and print, but it is for our best and highest good to stay grounded, centered in the moment, and ever diligent about our positive thinking for the future! (The law of attraction is really at work now!) It is always good to show and feel the gratitude for what we do have..... family, friends, health, etc.!

This month's meeting will be an "Open Discussion" again. Or as Steve says, "A free for all!" Our topic or topics will be on "Past Lives and Karma", but not necessarily in that order, together or exclusively. Anyone want to volunteer for a past life regression in front of the group?

We will begin, as always, at 7pm with a short meditation followed by our discussion. (If you are new, please see location information to the right.)

With love and light,
Bev Stone
The Common Thread Group