Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Common Thread Group - March 3, 2011

Exciting times are ahead, and isn't it wonderful to be able to get together with like minded people to discuss all this marvelous energy and information that is coming in!

I so hope that you will join us on Thursday, March 3rd at 7pm at Plymouth Church in Waveland Hall!
We will begin the evening with a short meditation, as usual, followed by a few short announcements.  Then Cathy Lindsey and I will run through some of the energies associated with Astrology that could help prepare you for what will be happening this month.

I'm excited to announce that our speaker this month is
Geral Blanchard.

Geral had been a traditional psychotherapist working in the field of sexual abuse and interpersonal violence for 37 years when he made a dramatic professional transition. Three years ago he moved away from the mechanical counseling techniques learned through conventional training in psychology and began implementing more intuitive approaches that he had observed in shamanic healings throughout Africa, South America, Canada, and elsewhere. Blending indigenous healing methods with contemporary counseling practices, Geral now brings ancient wisdom and more spiritual care to his patients.

Geral is the author of five books, including the forthcoming book on this subject, Ancient Ways. He has written articles on shamanic-psychotherapy for the British magazine, Sacred Hoop, and the American magazine, Sacred Fire.

His Common Thread presentation will tell the story of his career shift which began by "throwing the bones" in a shaman's hut in Swaziland. Geral will describe his evolution from initial reluctance to a full embrace of indigenous ways.