Human Design Auric Types

Tools for Living and the Four Auric Types of
The Human Design System, the Science of Differentiation

Setting the Context: For those of you who are new to Human Design, what is most amazing about this comprehensive system is its fundamental understanding of the 'mechanics of differentiation,’ or exactly why we are so incredibly unique and different from each other.  Those differences are captured by a chart maker fed just three bits of information: your birth date, birth time and birth place.  The resulting chart reveals what is most consistently and reliably you during this lifetime.

That Human Design chart or BodyGraph, located in the center of the Mandala, 'sings your song' to you until it rings true to your own ears.  Gradually and deeply accepting all of who you are designed to be opens the way to genuine compassion, to appreciating other people's uniqueness, and to deeper more fulfilling relationships - all of which are at the heart of your reason for incarnating on this planet. Since full self acceptance is the core of awareness, "To know your Self is to love yourself." The world is waiting for you to sing your own song - loud and clear and long!

Tools for Living:  Human Design’s three simple tools for living are perhaps its most profound contribution to humankind: understanding your auric TYPE, following your STRATEGY and paying attention to your inner AUTHORITY.  Together they are your most direct path to personal transformation, self awareness and self acceptance.   By understanding and applying these three tools to everyday living, the life you were born to live quite naturally unfolds before you. As it does so, you are empowered...
        to experience new levels of confidence in decision making,
        to fulfill your true purpose in life,
        and to comfortably take your unique place in the whole.

 TYPE: According to what the Voice told Ra Uru Hu during his eight-day Encounter in January of 1987, humans can be grouped into four auric Types: Manifestors, Generators (includes Manifesting Generators), Projectors and Reflectors.   Your aura, which extends two arm lengths in all directions from your body, is as indelible and distinguishable as the blood type coursing through your veins.  Your aura is a medium of communication and what it is communicating to others is exactly who you are.  In Human Design, Type is a way of defining your unique auric presence, describing how your particular aura is shaped and how it most effectively interacts with the energy fields of people in your environment.  In other words, your Type has its own unique way of expressing and/or integrating your resources, talents, insights and nurture into the whole.  It has its own particular way of empowering and being empowered, and its own essential way of interacting with the other Types. 

STRATEGY: Your Type determines your relationship Strategy.  Strategy is best described as strategic behaviors which reduce or eliminate the uncomfortable resistance you often meet in interaction with others and with life in general.   Not only is your aura sending out a unique frequency that distinguishes you from all others, it is sending out cues that tell people precisely how you are designed to connect with them.  This simple Strategy, tailor-made for you, it makes all the difference in your life. Strategy for the four Types can be summarized in this way: 

        Manifestors learn to inform others of their intentions in order to reduce resistance to their initiating.

        Generators and Manifesting Generators wait until they are asked or something comes towards them so they have something specific to respond to.

       Projectors look for a proper invitation that comes with recognition of their talents and abilities – and a tangible reward.

       Reflectors need to be asked or invited to share their valuable reflections on what is true and just.

AUTHORITY: Following your Strategy attunes you to your Authority.  Your Center of inner Authority guides you on your path in life.  It is like having your own GPS.  As you pay more attention to it, trusting it to make decisions that are correct for you, you will experience a new level of confidence in your ability to navigate life as yourself.  It facilitates contributing your insights and suggestions at just the right time and prepares you to be open to really hearing others.  Most importantly, trusting your personal Authority liberates your Mind from decision making in order for its wisdom to be of service to others.

 As simple and sometimes silly as all this sound to our sophisticated Minds, the tools for living are substantiated by the multi-billion part substructure of the matrix that lies beneath and supports the BodyGraph as you see it.  That is why Type, Strategy and Authority together establish one of the most profound truths in Human Design.  If you are intentional about your Strategy and are thereby attuned to your personal Authority, your life’s purpose and your potential for differentiation will automatically emerge through each correct decision you make.  Self acceptance follows and life takes on a new ease, which makes  being intentional in your experiment more than worth the effort.   

Summary of the Four Auric Types:  Two of the Types are referred to energy Types.  They are  Manifestors, with their built-in capacity to vision, initiate and complete a process; and Generators (includes Manifesting Generators) who have the enviable stamina to persevere until their commitment to an action or person is fulfilled.

1 – Manifestors now comprise about 10% of the population.  Your assertive aura moves outward, pushing interference and people out of your way.  Your aura can be sensed by others when you enter a room, which is sometimes misinterpreted as your needing to be in charge.  This, in turn, causes their auras to contract or pull in.  Their auras will relax when you make your intentions clear by informing them of why you are there, or what you are about to do or say. A disarming smile as you enter often puts people at ease to begin with. 

You are the only Type designed to initiate your life.  Your gift is to see forward; you can envision what you want as well as exactly what it will take for you to realize that vision for yourself.  You rarely need any assistance from others, which is why you don’t understand that what you do should matter to anyone.  But your manifesting does impact people, and the way they react if not courteously informed is to try to stop you, or repress you.  Thwarting your plans, your forward momentum, is viewed as resistance to you personally and gives rise to strong feelings of anger within you.  When you experience this anger it is probably because you haven’t taken the time to properly inform the people around you of how what you are doing is impacting them.  Simply take a deep breath and politely inform those most directly affected by your actions of your intentions and how they might be impacted by - or how they might participate in - the plan.  This kind of informing does not come naturally to you, but it is well worth the effort required to put it into practice.

2 – Generators comprise about 35% of the population and MG’s another 35% for a total of 70%.  Your large, enveloping aura draws everything and everyone in your life to you, embracing them like a big hug. To know exactly what is right for you, all you have to do is listen for your inner response to come bubbling up from your midsection as a sound: ah huh’, or unhuh.  The key is to wait until you feel yourself responding to someone or some idea or situation or request for your energetic resources before you speak or act. 

If you persist on initiating an action or pushing ahead like a Manifestor, without a responsive ah huh’ behind you, it will most likely be met with a blank look or a polite brush off.  The result of such resistance is frustration for you.  It won’t be because the substance of your offering is of no value.  It is because you were working against yourself, against the way your aura sets the stage for you to communicate it.  If you want your words or actions to really count, wait until others turn to you and ask you for them.  Until then, it is better to say little and patiently wait for your aura to do its work.  Waiting for you is a state of alertness.

Manifesting Generators are not a separate type, but a variation of the Generator.  You are designed to respond like a Generator so must follow a Generator strategy.  The big difference is that Generators progress through a project a step a time, methodically, while MG’s see ways to get from beginning to end more quickly on their own - if they have entered the process correctly to begin with.  The moral of this story is that if you want something done well, ask a Generator.  If you want it done efficiently or quickly, ask a MG – but be aware that the MG may skip important steps and have to go back to do them later.

Two types are referred to as non-energy Types:  Projectors focus on assessing and assisting the energy Types (Manifestors and Generators) in how to use their energy efficiently for everyone’s benefit.  They are our guides, our energy choreographers.  It is their job to mediate the catalytic initiating energies of the Manifestor and the strong generating and persevering energy of Generators. Reflectors are our “judges” and ‘sensors’ who hold us accountable and help us see ourselves clearly.  

3 – Projectors:  comprise about 21% of the population.  You were born with an ability to see the big picture.  You have a sense of yourself that you take for granted so benefit most from understanding the other three Types.  In other words, you learn about yourself indirectly by mastering how to interact with other auras.  Your larger auric presence is like an active invitational field.  The message it sends says you are open to being invited by investors who recognize your broad perspective and ability to manage their energy resources for them.  Your personal aura focuses on one person at a time, penetrating right to their core.  It is like a key looking for its lock and what you seek are investors.  When you find the right one, you are able to release and efficiently manage the energy or resources held inside them – but you must wait to be invited by the other person (or group) first in order to do so.  Their invitation lets you know if they are the right investor for you – for it must also be accompanied by the proper remuneration.

When you feel bitter or rejected or unsuccessful, it is not necessarily because your idea or perspective or suggestion is off, but because your timing is.  You probably didn’t wait until people were open and ready for your input.  The secret to your success is to allow your aura to do the work for you; it will quietly draw people’s attention to you so you can accept the invitations that are right for you.  Being asked to trust your aura may sound silly, but you can experiment with this yourself.  Just remain silent until people in the group turn to you and invite you to mediate or manage or nurture or bring depth and correction to the discussion, to provide them with a broader point of view or how best to utilize their valuable gifts and resources.  Notice the ease with which it all happens and how sweet the taste of success that comes naturally when your aura has set the stage for you first. 

To lead or guide a group, learn to ask penetrating ‘yes/no’ questions that bring clarity to Generator thinking and engage Generator’s persevering energy and creative resources.  To involve Manifestors, inform them of the kind of initiating energy needed to be a catalyst for the group; then stand back to see if any of the Manifestors rise to taking the risks involved. 

4 – Reflectors:  Reflectors are rare, comprising less than 2% of the population.  Reflector’s auras take in the energy of others very deeply, but it doesn’t “stick.”  They have an extraordinary inner connection to the movement of the moon and planets.  They truly see what is in alignment with justice - and what isn’t.

This information is about letting your auras begin each conversation, setting the tone for each interaction, and paving the way for your insights and ideas, hopes and desires, to emerge naturally - all before you even open your mouth.  Because we are not used to applying these simple communication-enhancing techniques, they can feel like a road block to getting the job done, at least in the beginning.  To the contrary, being intentional about breaking barriers to communication and honoring other’s auras automatically takes the potential inherent within any process to the next octave.  The result is a form of union, a communing of feelings, ideas, experiential wisdom and learned knowledge.  In this way our ‘gifts differing’ become absorbed into a whole, like separate ingredients in a recipe.  What results is serendipitous – and beyond the control of any single participant in the interaction.  This is ‘auric communion,’ fulfilling the consciousness potential of our new 9-centered forms.  And it begins with personal awareness of our auric presence in the world.

As Ra Uru Hu, founder of The Human Design System says, “Love yourself.”




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Joshua McAllister said...

Very excellent scope for the practical uses of applied aura awareness. Awareness through trusting the natural systems of our bodies is replacing the hemispheres of our brains, inviting an "Opening up" and expanding of overall possibility of what life can be and what it can become. Thank you for an excellent and thorough read about aura types, strategies, and inner authorities. I feel much more comfortable knowing how my aura influences my personal experience and it boosts my confidence that any of this is even possible.

Peace and positive energy blessings!

Anonymous said...


Well it works for some people and not for others. When Ra started teaching, he did not have types at all- only 2 modes: to do and to wait. And he had centers and channels, something more I can´t remember. The original Human Design was very different. He added lot of stuff later.
Ra was very smart. Not all the knowledge came from Voice. Or he made up himself everything- it´s quite something to come up with :)

If those types happen to be true, I don´t really think so, then who will do stuff? Generator is waiting, projector is waiting to be invited, reflector is reflecting under some tree....
So why don´t manifestors all the work for other types. They are waiting most of the time and it might happen that person waits and waits, responding to something/someone gives bad gut feeling for generator and nobody invites projector etc
Its ridiculous.
Why haven´t any clairvoyants, who can see the auras, said something about 4 types. They should be able to tell.
Then there are lot of other things, among them are channels. I´ve been thinking about the channel 15-5 Rhythm- people who have it. have unusually large aura and stand out energetically- they get noticed. If generator have big aura and he/she has this channel, does that mean he/she has even bigger aura than other generators who doesn´t have that channel? Or all generators have it?
I think other types cannot have that full channel, cause it connects G center with sacral.

It´s better not to take Human Design 100% truth. Have to see what works and what can be left behind.


Anonymous said...

If those types happen to be true (I don´t really think so) then who will do stuff? Generator is waiting to respond, projector is waiting to be invited, reflector is reflecting under some tree....
So why don´t manifestors do all the work.
Other types are waiting most of the time and it might happen that person will wait & wait, maybe will respond to something or someone, but the gut feeling might "say"no. And nobody invites projector, reflector most wait lunar cycle (28 days) etc
Its kind of ridiculous.
Why haven´t any clairvoyants, who can see the auras, said something about 4 types. They should be able to tell are there types or there are even more of them.

Then there are other things in HD, among them are channels.
I´ve been thinking about the channel 15-5 (it is called Rhythm)-
people who have it, have unusually large aura and stand out energetically- they get noticed.
If generator have big aura and he/she has this channel, does that mean he/she has even bigger aura than other generators who doesn´t have that channel? Or all generators have it?