Thursday, December 23, 2010

January 6th - Common Thread Meeting

Our January 6th meeting will be held in Waveland Hall of Plymouth, starting at 7pm, as usual with a short meditation.  This will be followed by brief announcements and Cathy Lindsey's Astrological report for January.

Due to popular demand, our January meeting will be a group discussion meeting rather than a planned speaker.  Our moderator will be our own Scott Houston.  You may remember that he was our speaker last July on the topic of "The Zen Teachings of Jesus".  As is the way of Zen, Scott chooses not to select a topic for discussion, but is open to any and all that the group wishes to bring up. So, what have you read or heard lately that is exciting, interesting, or maybe even scary?  Have you gotten anything conflicting that you would like to dig into deeper? What have you wanted to learn more about, but hasn't come forward? We will be free-form, so our time together should be great, great fun.

Friday, November 19, 2010

December 2nd - Common Thread Group

This month we will meet in Waveland Hall at 7pm and begin with a few short announcements, followed by Cathy Lindsey's Astrological report for December.

The reason we are not starting with our usual meditation is because are speaker this month is Charles Day whose topic is "Introduction to Meditation and Buddhism".   Charles will lead us through one of his meditations during his presentation.


Brief Biography

Charlie graduated from Roosevelt High School and received his BA in Journalism and Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from the University of Iowa. He worked mostly in California but also in California, India, and Thailand as a psychologist, psychotherapist, consultant, and teacher before retiring in 1997.

He’s trained and supervised psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrists, and developed and directed mental health programs for Head Start children, juvenile delinquents, drug addicts, abused children and their families, and the Hispanic community.

After working eight years in Asia, he returned to Des Moines in 1994 to work for the Des Moines Child and Adolescent Guidance Center until retiring.

Charlie has studied meditation practices and spiritual traditions for over 40 years and now devotes much of time teaching and writing about meditation and Buddhist philosophy.

He’s the founder and guiding teacher of the Des Moines Meditation and Mindfulness Group, leads weekly meditation groups and occasional retreats in Des Moines and at the Iowa State prison for women in Mitchellville, and administers the Group’s website, on which many of his articles appear. He especially enjoys guiding individuals in their meditation and spiritual practices.

Charles W. Day
3100 Grand Ave., Apt. 4F
Des Moines, IA 50312

Telephone: 515-255-8398

Thursday, October 28, 2010

November 4th - Common Thread Group

Our November 4th meeting will be held in Waveland Hall, at Plymouth, starting at 7pm with a short meditation as usual. This will be followed by a "few short announcements" please. Then Cathy Lindsey will give us the monthly astrological report.

We are extremely pleased to have numerologist, Wayne Bak as our speaker this month.


Wayne Matthew Bak is a blues musician, recording and touring artist who performs around the world. While on the east coast with a touring group in 1986, he discovered the definitive writings of Dr. Juno Jordon, After years spent absorbing everything that could be found on the subject, he became a talented numerologist. The concerns and difficulties faced by hundreds of his clients, friends and family members have been alleviated by his analysis of their inner being and his urging to develop their hidden talents and pursue a more fulfilling life direction.

Numerology is an ancient art based on the teachings of Pythagoras. Warning his students against divulging the secret knowledge of numbers and their corresponding alphabetical symbols, Pythagoras is said to have spent forty years teaching this closely guarded science of numbers and vibrations. And, this previously hidden knowledge is purported to be the basis for the Tarot Card System of medieval Europe.

On the most basic, elemental level, vibrations are created by the use of numbers. They effect the ebb and flow of life. Just as physicists speak of cosmic threads linking everything in the universe, certain vibratory influences are projected outward from the conceptualized or spoken word. Numerology is like an x-ray illuminating the inner most characteristics, needs and limitations of a person, while also showing what course of action is best for fulfillment and success. It also shows us what to expect with each passing year, and how to best avoid pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Everything is vibrations, and you and your life are no exception. Discover the unique wonders of your name and life path, and get a glimpse into the future. On November 4th, I will be giving an overview of Numerology and looking at participant's birth dates, how this number shapes ones life, and what to expect this fall and in the next few years.

Monday, September 27, 2010

October 7th - Common Thread

The October 7th, Common Thread Group will meet in Waveland Hall, at 7pm.

We will begin with a short meditation, followed by Cathy Lindsey's Astrological report for the month, and announcements. Please, please, please, keep announcements short. We don't want to use up our speaker's time. I ask that you bring fliers that can be available for people to pickup, and make a short reference to them to let people know that they are available.

Jon Royal is our presenter this month with his topic being: "How understanding Four Dimensional Healing allows you to take charge of your health and well being"

Four Dimensional Healing is an inclusive model which gives you a context to integrate various healing traditions and make decisions that are appropriate for you. Four Dimensional Healing recognizes your mind, body, emotions and spirit.

In addition to explaining the Four Dimensional Healing model there will be demonstrations given of Unlimited Body and Unlimited Breath, Four Dimensional Healing modalities. If you have been curious about breath work, this is an opportunity to ask questions and see a demo. For more information, find Center for Health and Harmony on Facebook and YouTube.

Jon's Bio:
Jon Royal is a Teacher and Master Practitioner of Unlimited Body and Unlimited Breath. Following graduating from Grinnell College in 1970, and a brief stint in the Army Reserves, Jon spent nine years as a counselor and later administrator in corrections and substance abuse treatment. Fed up with the bureaucracy he changed careers and spent the next fifteen years working in the financial services industry as an insurance agent, registered representative, registered investment advisor and Certified Financial Planner eventually operating his own financial planning firm.

Jon’s insatiable drive to better understand people and how to help them achieve their potential spurred him into more personal introspection and self discovery. While operating his financial planning firm he began studying numerous systems of healing, personal development and spirituality; working with healers and teachers from Australia, Bali, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Tibet and the United States. Jon’s growing knowledge and interest in the areas of personal development and holistic health led him to sell his financial planning practice in 1995 and strike out as a holistic practitioner. Jon has spent the last fourteen years traveling extensively nationally and internationally in his role as teacher, practitioner, presenter and entrepreneur.

His recent work in the area of Four Dimensional Healing offers an integrative healing model that can put each person in control of their own health.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Common Thread Group - September 2, 2010

Our monthly Common Thread gathering will take place on Thursday, September 2nd, and we will meet in Waveland Hall at Plymouth Congregational Church starting at 7pm. Our session will begin with a short meditation, followed by Cathy Lindsey's September Astrological Report, and a few short announcements. Our guest speaker this month is Suzanne Spooner.

Suzanne Spooner has lived in central Iowa her whole life. In the fall of 2009 The Art of Universal Knowing manifested. TAUK is a teachable gift of communication to the other side of the veil. Through the system of TAUK Suzanne and students of TAUK make connections to loved ones who have passed, to guides, to angels and masters.

Recently a new system has manifested and Suzanne is unveiling this for the first time at Common Thread! The system is called Spiritual Road Mapping or Simple Universal Knowing. Spiritual Road Mapping is a system of support. SRM assists one in finding their purpose(s) for this life. SRM brings to light a path of changing your perceptions so that you can bring forth the life you desire! SRM will assist you in these unprecedented times to elevate your heart felt thinking so that you are in alignment with your greater good. TAUK is for communication, SRM is for teaching imagination that betters the lives of others. SRM is a way to imagine ones path that teaches the God given right to all to manifest their greater good.

Suzanne Spooner

4715 Grand Ave. Suite 4
Des Moines, Iowa 50312

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

August 5th - Common Thread Group

What a ride we have been on this summer!!!!
Please come join with others who understand what you have been going through. Have you been faced with difficult lessons?! One day you feel on top of the world and the next day the world is on top of you?!!!!
Next Thursday, August 5th, we will begin at 7pm in Waveland Hall at Plymouth Congregational Church. We will begin with announcements. The meditation will be postponed to the end of the presentation this month.
You are about to discover what Cathy Lindsey's monthly astrological report means to YOU!!! Cathy, Laura Jones, and Fraya Parker will be leading us through the OCEAN of astrology that has been affecting us all in one way or another.

The energies this late summer are . . .
urgent and monumental!



Bring your friends and join in a divinely-inspired celebration of this unique, powerful, transformative summer.

(In the safety of your own “like minded” community)

Introductions and map of the energies

Fun “meet and greet” interactive constellation mock up

Answers to what the energies mean for you personally

Extreme sun energy adventure with your new sun soul mates

Interactive planetary journey and launching of intentions

Your adventure guides:
Our own “astrological consultant,” Cathy Lindsey ( will provide the cosmic planetary map of the energies for our evening of adventure.

Laura Jones ( will be the social director to assist in making your adventure experience enjoyable and personally satisfying. She will demystify the cosmic energies, introduce you to your sun soul mates, and be available throughout your adventure to intuitively answer your personal questions. Always the “go to” person, Laura will channel in-the-moment information pertinent to your own personal adventure and to our community experience.

For the finale of our extreme energy adventure, Fraya Parker ( will be our tour guide as we blast off on a cosmic journey through the energy of the planets. After we bask in the high vibrations of these planetary energies, we will launch our personal intentions and come back to earth with a directed intent for our community.

Friday, June 25, 2010

July 1st - Common Thread Meeting

The Common Thread meeting will begin at 7pm in Waveland Hall on Thursday, July 1st. We will, as usual begin with a meditation followed by a few announcements and Cathy Lindsey's monthly astrological report.

Our speaker this month will be Scott Houston. He is an active member of Common Thread and Tuesdays’ meetings of The Gathering, Scott is a spiritual counselor and he makes great use of the “FORWARD” button for spiritual email and websites.

Seriously though… Scott has extensively studied 2012 and many other related scientific and spiritual issues. Obviously, he has been searching the spiritual path his whole life. From dabbling in Satanism as an adolescent to an ordained minister to evangelical cultism, he certainly has a broad history. We usually edit a speaker’s introduction to make it more marketable or sometimes less wordy, but today we feel Scott’s words directly say so very much more about him and how he will enlighten us (pun intended). Scott said:

I'd like to share various ideas from a book I am writing called "Zen Behind The Words Of Jesus" that goes beneath the surface and traditional interpretations of Jesus' words to reveal the higher consciousness concepts that He and ALL other avatars have always taught . It's my hope that by showing this "COMMON THREAD" of all religions it will help promote oneness and help those in attendance share/bond with those of other belief systems - especially Christianity. This may also help heal those offended by our culture’s dominant religion by pointing out some beliefs are merely ego identities and have not yet seated in spirit. I will also share some synchronistic aspects of my own journey. I will resist the temptation to teach Zen which will be hard cause it is SO beautiful "No where to get to and no one to go there" the PERFECTION of life. I'm very humbled speaking these truths when even a great Zen master on his death bed said "In my life I have uttered many vain babblings trying to express that which is inexpressible." I hope, in closing, to awaken people to the perfection of life and therefore themselves, followed by miracles and pulling a rabbit out of my hat or your money back. LOL

We are excited and can’t wait for next Thursday. Come early to save a seat.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

June 3rd - Common Thread Group

Our meeting will begin at 7pm in Waveland Hall. We will start with a short meditation, followed by Cathy Linsey's Astrological Report. It's a time of many great changes, as you'll see below this posting.

This will be an evening you will NOT want to miss!

Our speaker will be our own Duon Almitra. The title of her presentation is “The Sunshine Buffet – Food for Thought”.

As a teaser, she suggests that we bring a “full spectrum appetite”. She will speak on many related topics of life style, science, and folk lore. One topic will be HRM Sungazing. If you want a little preview, try, or simply google the topic. Duon’s goal for the evening is that we will leave loosening our belts and expanding our minds with more questions than we thought we could think. She suggests we wear attire that is….. “colorful”. The frosting on the spiritual cake …... DOOR PRIZES! So we suspect it will be a very entertaining evening!

Duon has been a speaker for Common Thread a number of times over the years and has a great following as a Shiatsu practitioner here in Des Moines.

Friday, April 30, 2010

May 6th - Common Thread Group Meeting

This month we are back in Waveland Hall and we will be there until further notice! YEAH!

As usual we will begin at 7pm with a short meditation, followed by brief announcements, and our May Astrological report from Cathy Lindsay.

Our speaker on May 6th will be Rich Joens, a licensed social worker and part owner of Counseling Associates of Central Iowa.

Rich will be talking about a therapy technique called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) This is an eye movement therapy that involves the right brain/left brain component which has helped many patients process traumatic information that seems to get stuck in the right brain. Because so much recent spiritual literature discusses the connection of creativity, meditation and channeling with right brain activity, we thought that inviting Rich to speak with us would be timely.

Rich also plans to talk about Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy that is used in conjunction with EMDR. IFS uses the concept that we are all multiple personalities and each contain our own internal therapist. He is quite certain our members will find this very interesting. If time allows, Rich will also do an EMDR demonstration with an audience volunteer.

Rich came to Des Moines in 1983 working for Polk County Victim Services, most of that time as a violent crime counselor/advocate. With a Masters of Social Work degree and license, he worked for Broadlawns Medical Center as a clinical social worker, followed by full time private practice in 1997. Rich is a certified practitioner of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and a promoter of Dick Schwartz's Internal Family System therapy. Having been openly gay since beginning his career, he receives many referrals regarding gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender issues. Because of his work with PCVS, he also receives many trauma survivor referrals.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

April 8, 2010- Common Thread Group

We always meet on the first Thursday of the month which would be April 1st, however; this year the first Thursday is April 1st and it's Maundy Thursday for the church. This means that we are unable to meet there, but we were able to reschedule to the following Thursday, April 8th. I hope this doesn't create too much of a problem for all of you!

Our April 8th meeting will be in the Greenwood Room, and will begin at 7pm with our meditation. As usual, we will follow with brief announcements and Cathy Lindsay's monthly astrological report.

We are honored and excited to have Jane Kearney from Mankato, Minnesota as our speaker this month.

Jane has taken courses with Japan's Dr. Masaru Emoto and his staff in 2005 and has become a Certified Hado Instructor.

She will show us a power point presentation to demonstrate Emoto's work with water crystals proving that water is a message carrier and that our thoughts, words, music, etc. have a clear and definite effect an ourselves, others and everything around us. With positive or negative "hado" we greatly influence the world around us.
To see more of Dr. Emoto's work you may go to his website at .

Saturday, February 20, 2010

March 4th - Common Thread Group

Our next meeting will be back in the Greenwood Room for the next two months. After that we will be back in Waveland Hall. Sorry for the shift!

We will meet at 7pm (as usual) with a short meditation, followed by short announcements. Please remember that we need to keep this part short. You are welcome to bring copies of your information for people to pick up. That way we are not taking up our guest speaker's time. Thank you for your understanding on this issue.

Cathy Lindsey will give the monthly astrological update and then we will have our guest speaker Dan Berger from Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team .
It should be an extremely interesting evening!

Dan's presentation consists of a power point program that includes:

Who the Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team is, their goals, equipment they use, examples of explainable pictures, video that Dan has captured and cannot be explained, and examples of EVPs. (electronic voice phenomena)

Dan explains how he got started:

"There is no official study material on the subject. I have spent my whole life trying to understand the unknown. This comprises of just about anything and everything. Paranormal
issues are just one of many interests of mine."
Below is an excerpt from their brochure:

The Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team is a paranormal research organization that is dedicated to investigating phenomenon that is out of the ordinary or unexplained. We are a group of professional men & women from all walks of life with regular full-time jobs, who join together to pursue our shared interest in the paranormal and our passion for investigating the paranormal as well as otherwise unexplained activity. All our members are dedicated to educating others about the paranormal and passionate in helping those who request our services Our group is made up of open minded mainstream people who are both believers in the paranormal or afterlife, as well as skeptics. Our mission is to investigate to first find any possible reasonable and logical explanations of any activity that is presumed to be paranormal or unexplained in nature before determining or concluding the activity to be paranormal in nature. All our investigations are conducted in a very professional manor using only scientific methods and approach. Which allows us to make you the promise of: If you have nothing paranormal when we come… You will have nothing paranormal when we leave your home or business.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

February 4th - Common Thread

The Common Thread Group will be meeting in Waveland Hall at 7pm beginning with a meditation.

Since weather prevented us from meeting in January, our topic for the February 4th Common Thread meeting will be “Intention”, presented by our own Fraya Parker. “Intention” has become one of the key buzzwords in today’s spiritual and self-help communities. Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Carlos Castaneda, and even in every meeting of Common Thread, “intention” is being defined, analyzed, and explained.

Now we have hard scientific evidence to prove what our spiritual teachers have been telling us. Our “beliefs” are supported by facts and can actually be proven! Over the past thirty years, in laboratories all over the world, pioneering scientists in physics have been conducting careful experiments investigating human intention. What they have found has literally rocked the scientific community and exploded some of the most basic tenets that our “modern science” has been based on.

From this information, we can now use the “Science of Directed Intent” in incredibly powerful new ways. With just a little “tweaking,” our old ways of co-creating our world by using intentions and affirmations can be dynamically intensified. And when we come together using this simple, new intention process, we can create the kind of world that we have previously only dreamed of.

Fraya intends (pun intended…ha, ha….that’s intended, too) to present the major ideas resulting from these scientific investigations into intention in very broad strokes and in everyday language. Then, we will end the presentation by joining together vibrationally, amplifying our individual potential by creating group consciousness, and then send a group intention for the betterment of Des Moines out to the universe so powerfully that it cannot help but manifest!

Fraya got started meditating in the 70's because of scientific research into what happens in the brain during Transcendental Meditation. She worked for the TM movement for a year, followed by a three-month course in Europe to learn to be a teacher of TM. About a year ago she was introduced to the “Intenders”, and since then has been working to get more people involved with Intenders here in Des Moines.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Vortexes

Kevin Thoren emailed me this week with the following information:

I received some information about one month ago and we will be seeing many more vortexes opening in the Central Iowa area not far from the others. A total of 10 or 7 major new ones, with some opening up this spring. The information I received was a sneak peek as to what is coming and feels like I will get more detailed info later.

Blessings, Kevin