Saturday, February 20, 2010

March 4th - Common Thread Group

Our next meeting will be back in the Greenwood Room for the next two months. After that we will be back in Waveland Hall. Sorry for the shift!

We will meet at 7pm (as usual) with a short meditation, followed by short announcements. Please remember that we need to keep this part short. You are welcome to bring copies of your information for people to pick up. That way we are not taking up our guest speaker's time. Thank you for your understanding on this issue.

Cathy Lindsey will give the monthly astrological update and then we will have our guest speaker Dan Berger from Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team .
It should be an extremely interesting evening!

Dan's presentation consists of a power point program that includes:

Who the Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team is, their goals, equipment they use, examples of explainable pictures, video that Dan has captured and cannot be explained, and examples of EVPs. (electronic voice phenomena)

Dan explains how he got started:

"There is no official study material on the subject. I have spent my whole life trying to understand the unknown. This comprises of just about anything and everything. Paranormal
issues are just one of many interests of mine."
Below is an excerpt from their brochure:

The Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team is a paranormal research organization that is dedicated to investigating phenomenon that is out of the ordinary or unexplained. We are a group of professional men & women from all walks of life with regular full-time jobs, who join together to pursue our shared interest in the paranormal and our passion for investigating the paranormal as well as otherwise unexplained activity. All our members are dedicated to educating others about the paranormal and passionate in helping those who request our services Our group is made up of open minded mainstream people who are both believers in the paranormal or afterlife, as well as skeptics. Our mission is to investigate to first find any possible reasonable and logical explanations of any activity that is presumed to be paranormal or unexplained in nature before determining or concluding the activity to be paranormal in nature. All our investigations are conducted in a very professional manor using only scientific methods and approach. Which allows us to make you the promise of: If you have nothing paranormal when we come… You will have nothing paranormal when we leave your home or business.

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