Sunday, March 21, 2010

April 8, 2010- Common Thread Group

We always meet on the first Thursday of the month which would be April 1st, however; this year the first Thursday is April 1st and it's Maundy Thursday for the church. This means that we are unable to meet there, but we were able to reschedule to the following Thursday, April 8th. I hope this doesn't create too much of a problem for all of you!

Our April 8th meeting will be in the Greenwood Room, and will begin at 7pm with our meditation. As usual, we will follow with brief announcements and Cathy Lindsay's monthly astrological report.

We are honored and excited to have Jane Kearney from Mankato, Minnesota as our speaker this month.

Jane has taken courses with Japan's Dr. Masaru Emoto and his staff in 2005 and has become a Certified Hado Instructor.

She will show us a power point presentation to demonstrate Emoto's work with water crystals proving that water is a message carrier and that our thoughts, words, music, etc. have a clear and definite effect an ourselves, others and everything around us. With positive or negative "hado" we greatly influence the world around us.
To see more of Dr. Emoto's work you may go to his website at .

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