Thursday, January 28, 2010

February 4th - Common Thread

The Common Thread Group will be meeting in Waveland Hall at 7pm beginning with a meditation.

Since weather prevented us from meeting in January, our topic for the February 4th Common Thread meeting will be “Intention”, presented by our own Fraya Parker. “Intention” has become one of the key buzzwords in today’s spiritual and self-help communities. Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Carlos Castaneda, and even in every meeting of Common Thread, “intention” is being defined, analyzed, and explained.

Now we have hard scientific evidence to prove what our spiritual teachers have been telling us. Our “beliefs” are supported by facts and can actually be proven! Over the past thirty years, in laboratories all over the world, pioneering scientists in physics have been conducting careful experiments investigating human intention. What they have found has literally rocked the scientific community and exploded some of the most basic tenets that our “modern science” has been based on.

From this information, we can now use the “Science of Directed Intent” in incredibly powerful new ways. With just a little “tweaking,” our old ways of co-creating our world by using intentions and affirmations can be dynamically intensified. And when we come together using this simple, new intention process, we can create the kind of world that we have previously only dreamed of.

Fraya intends (pun intended…ha, ha….that’s intended, too) to present the major ideas resulting from these scientific investigations into intention in very broad strokes and in everyday language. Then, we will end the presentation by joining together vibrationally, amplifying our individual potential by creating group consciousness, and then send a group intention for the betterment of Des Moines out to the universe so powerfully that it cannot help but manifest!

Fraya got started meditating in the 70's because of scientific research into what happens in the brain during Transcendental Meditation. She worked for the TM movement for a year, followed by a three-month course in Europe to learn to be a teacher of TM. About a year ago she was introduced to the “Intenders”, and since then has been working to get more people involved with Intenders here in Des Moines.

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