Thursday, December 23, 2010

January 6th - Common Thread Meeting

Our January 6th meeting will be held in Waveland Hall of Plymouth, starting at 7pm, as usual with a short meditation.  This will be followed by brief announcements and Cathy Lindsey's Astrological report for January.

Due to popular demand, our January meeting will be a group discussion meeting rather than a planned speaker.  Our moderator will be our own Scott Houston.  You may remember that he was our speaker last July on the topic of "The Zen Teachings of Jesus".  As is the way of Zen, Scott chooses not to select a topic for discussion, but is open to any and all that the group wishes to bring up. So, what have you read or heard lately that is exciting, interesting, or maybe even scary?  Have you gotten anything conflicting that you would like to dig into deeper? What have you wanted to learn more about, but hasn't come forward? We will be free-form, so our time together should be great, great fun.

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