Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thursday, March 6th, Common Thread Meeting

It's a good thing time is going faster, because with this cold I need the wonderful warmth of our group to warm my chilly bones again soon!!!! Some times, as a human, it is just hard to stay in the light and this is one of them!!!! Brrrrrr.........

Our next meeting will be an "Open Forum" again, and we will continue our conversation about the coming of the "Year 2012". I encourage you to bring information that rings true to you that you have been reading on this subject and/or channeling that you have done.

You might, also notice, that I have switched our March movie night (over on the right) to "2012 The Odyesey". So in March we will finish up this topic and move on to our next.

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Grace said...

As always, my Highest Power saw my need and has provided. I am looking forward to March 6. I can tell Common Thread will be an important source of learning, stretching and spiritual food for me. In grateful anticipation, Grace