Sunday, October 26, 2008

November 6th, 2008 Common Thread Meeting

This should be a great meeting! So arrive early for a good seat. We will meet in the Greenwood room at 7pm and will start our session with a short meditation.

Then we will have Denise Poole as our speaker. Denise is known as THE STONE CRONE. She will present "How to Read your own Soul Records in Stones. "Denise Poole's unique communion with stones has evolved over 20 years, 12 spent living in New Zealand where she amassed more than a million stones. Her awareness was forever altered as she became a conscious channel for Mother Earth. Over the years, she has given thousands of soul readings, providing inspiration and guidance to seekers worldwide."Humanity has an innate ability to communicate with all levels of Creation. As we share our journeys together, we discover --- or should I say 'remember' --- that we already know how to read our soul records in the stones!"

DENISE WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR READINGS ON THURSDAY AFTERNOON NOVEMBER 6TH & FRIDAY NOVEMBER 7TH appointment. If anyone is interested, they can call Denise direct at 641-469-5709 to reserve a time. Rates are $45/30 minutes or $90/hr....if a recorded session is desired, the client may bring along a cassette tape and she will be happy to record their session.

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