Thursday, April 30, 2009

May 7th - Common Thread Group Meeting

We were so excited to see so many new faces at our last meeting! Please feel free to leave messages on our blog if their is a topic that you would like to have discussed or a speaker that you would like to recommend for the group.

The meeting is an open forum discussion this month.

Topic: Are there signs in your life that you are ascending? How are you a different person than you were five years ago... new friends... sleep patterns... moods... others?

Our meeting will begin at 7pm with a short meditation, Cathy Lindsey will give us our astrological update, and we will share a few announcements. If you have anything to share with the group, such as other group meetings, items that are revenue generating for you, or community events, please bring fliers to place on the table by the door for the group to pickup. You may briefly mention your flier during announcements, but we would like to keep this announcement time down to just a couple of minutes. We know it is important to share this information and people are interested in what else is available to them, but as more and more items are becoming available our announcement time becomes longer and longer. Thank you again for your understanding!

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