Sunday, November 22, 2009

December 3rd, 2009 Common Thread Meeting

This month we will be back in Plymouth's Waveland Hall. As always, we will begin with a short meditation at 7pm, followed by a few announcements and Cathy Lindsey's informative and helpful monthly Astrological reading.

Angela Clark will be our speaker for this December meeting.
Her topic is:
Grounding Yourself for 2012
Angela will be teaching about the the importance grounding ourselves everyday as the energies are continually shifting. We will do a couple of grounding exercises involving self-care, building community, sustainability and Law of Confluence. This is another way of teaching the essential basics of remembering the Divine in our everyday life experiences. The Divine is waiting to be remembered in each and every aspect of your life experience.

Angela will talk about the importance of bringing Spirit into areas of our lives, like finance and business and health, that we have not done in this lifetime. Setting intention in our every area of our daily lives is vital to our physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual health.

We will also talk about the most powerful way to co-create Global Sustainability. Building community is a very important element of the shifts we are seeing in the world today: Why is it so important and what role does community play in our growth and development? She will share tools for helping you define the community(ies) that will best serve your growth.

Angela Clark, Serial Eco-preneur and perpetual student of Remembering the Divine. The Ki Inside, Healing Arts Practice offering Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Ear Candling, Sinus Health Education & Classes.enrgPATH, a web-based resource directory for businesses offering services that are healthy for people and the planet.Committed Language Communications, We assist you with building and launching your business. Brainstorming unique promotional and educational opportunities, writing print marketing copy, web site copy, and general business confidence. Business workshops, classes, and coaching are also available. EnrgPATH has partnerships for graphic design, web site building, copy editing, event planning, marketing and social media resources.

Angela Clark
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