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Common Thread - Thursday - August 4th, 2011

The Common Thread Group will meet in Waveland Hall at Plymouth next Thursday at 7pm.  As usual we will begin our session with a short meditation, a few announcements, and Cathy Lindsey's astrological report.  (You'll want to hear about all the stuff going in our solar system that is affecting us! )

Our speaker for August had to cancel at the last minute, so Steve Stone (also known as Stevie) has volunteered to facilitate a discussion on “Disclosure” and related current events. Disclosure has come to be defined as the governments of the world admitting that they have been in communication with ETs for over sixty years. Recently there have been many channelings and other reports about a very strong ET presence around Gaia leading up to first contact and assistance we can receive from them leading up to ascension. Steve’s attention was first drawn to this area five years ago after reviewing Dr. Steven Greer’s work.

“This is really ‘out there’ for a lot of people,” Steve says. “But there is so very much information on the internet, channeling and otherwise that seems to ring very true to a lot of people. This is cutting edge with the information progressing daily and in a tone that is: soon-soon-soon.” He intends to have pass-outs highlighting many of the best web sites and a summary of key issues. Bring your skepticism as well as an open mind. This will be interesting.

Bibliography for the evening's discussion:

Much of the discussion this evening is summarized in an E-book, The Importance of DISCLOSURE, by Steve Beckow. This free book was downloaded by Steve Stone and reformatted to a Word doc. You can get a copy in post announcing this meeting in the Common Thread blog (

This bibliography is also available on the Common Thread blog for ease in clicking into the web sites listed.

Following is a bibliography of web sites and topics that can be researched for more detailed and more current information:

Galactic Channelings- compilation of 7 or more channelers communicating with Galactic Federation, Matthew, SaLuSa, and others

2012 Scenario (MAIN WEBSITE) over 4,000 articles archived on this website, updated daily


SaLuSa from Sirius  

Planetary Activation Organization including Sheldan Nidle 

Ascension 101

First Contact

The Essays of Brother Anonymous

New Maps of Heaven

From Darkness Unto Light: A Cross-Cultural Dictionary of Enlightenment

You are invited to tune into ET/First Contact Radio ET/First Contact Radio – Host Maarten Horst (Netherlands)  Every Monday 7 PM GMT, 2 PM ET, 11 AM PT

Other sites discussing Disclosure and related topicsbut which are not channeling based:

NESARA – history and general provisions

Steven Greer – one of the earliest advocates for disclosure

David Wilcock  

Project Camelot dealing partially with whistleblowers  

David Icke – the first person to question the source of 9/11

Bored? Google:
UFO/ET      Disclosure      First Contact      NESARA      Accountability      Terraforming      Ascension      2012      Golden Age      David Wilcock      Carl Johann Calleman      Ian Xel Lungold      Drunvalo Melchizedek      Andi Mac      Jag Steward      Patricia Diane Cota Robles      Lauren Gorgo      Lisa Renee      Kerry Cassidy      Bill Ryan      Inelia Benz

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