Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Indigo Interest - Send Email

There has been some interest by some parents to create an
"Indigo Kid Club".
Kimberly Kelley has decided to see what she can do to actually make this happen.
If you have an interest, please contact Kimberly via email at earthmomkelley@aol.com .

Thank you Kelley!  This is such an important task for the children and for the parents!

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Dharma Darolyn Body~Alive said...

I am also interested in the Indigo Club....but am wandering if we need to include the others in this club or have separate one for the Blue Rays and the Various Crystal Children.....There is so much going on among these kids that its hard for them to keep on track with the chaos, much less if the parents are unaware of their gifts, then its complete miscommunication most of the time....I would be willing to volunteer my time to help with this if there is interest....i have been ionvolved with all levels of these kids for the last 12 years or so......