Sunday, May 20, 2012

June 7th, 2012 - Common Thread Group

Here is a copy of Steve's Presentation Notes: Steve's Notes 6-7-12

Our June 7th meeting will start at 7pm at Plymouth Church in Waveland Hall. We will begin with the usual meditation. Cathy Lindsey will deliver our astrological outlook for June (which should be full of more crazy energies).  Then we will have a few short announcements. (Please, do keep them short, dear ones.)

Our topic this month will be "Current Events Affecting Ascension".  Steve Stone will be our presenter and he says his goal is to have the very latest, up-to-date information concerning the financial, economic, and governmental changes that are/will be dramatically affecting our lives.  Steve has followed events carefully on the internet over the last few years as activity has speeded up.   He spends a great deal of time analyzing it and discussing with others who are similarly focused.  His discussion will include:
  • Our need for individual discernment on what others (including him) have to say
  • Comparison of the "Want to Know" position and it's risk of negativity versus the "Stay Away from the News" position and it's risk of shocking events
  • The big picture of the Ascension process
  • A brief history of the original 13th Amendment
  • Current Financial Liens on the Federal Reserve
  • And whatever new stuff happens between now and an hour before the meeting
 An important aspect will be sharing his techniques of studying internet sites and views of the ones he considers "most trusted".

It will be a controversial night guaranteed to push a few beliefs as well as a few buttons.

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