Tuesday, February 19, 2013

March 7th - Common Thread Meeting

The Common Thread Group meets the first Thursday of the month in Waveland Hall at Plymouth Church beginning at 7pm. 

Most months we will have a special guest speaker.
Usually we will open with a brief meditation, followed by a few short announcements.   (We ask that you, please, be respectful of our presenters by keeping these short. You may place additional information on the tables for people to review.)   Cathy Lindsey will give her report on the astrological aspects for month. 
 For more on Cathy Lindsey's astrological information please go to:

The March 7th Presenter, weather premitting as she will be coming down from Minnesota, will be Donna Garlinghouse.  Please read through the following and print out YOUR FREE RAVE CHART at the link listed below so you'll be able to discover YOUR TYPE in this Human Design prior to the meeting.

The Human Design System:  Where Science and Spirituality meet  

HUMAN DESIGN is not a belief system. It is the revealed Science of Differentiation. Its Trademark, the beautiful Rave Mandala™ pictured, is an extraordinary, living, synthesis combining Quantum (Particle) Physics, biochemistry and genetics with four ancient esoteric systems – Astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Cabala, and the Chakras.  This synthesis is more than the sum of its parts. It is both a Rosetta stone, a lens through which to interpret the evolution of consciousness, and a treasure map to understanding ourselves at deeply personal and archetypal levels. 

We are not here by accident, but by design, and we come with a unique purpose to fulfill and part to play.  Human Design provides us with accurate information about ourselves.   Its easily accessible “tools for living” equip us to navigate life by making decisions based on what is right for us.   The first tool to focus on is coming to a working understanding of our auric Type. 

Following a brief introduction to the scope of The Human Design System, your Type will be explained so you can begin experimenting with it immediately. For more information, click here. (This is space  for the document I will send under separate cover as soon as I have refined it - some more.: >) 

In preparation for the event, you are encouraged to go to www.jovianarchive.com, select “Get your Free Rave Chart.”  Be sure to have your birth data in hand - birth date, place and accurate birth time - and follow the easy instructions.  You will receive your Human Design Rave BodyGraph with a complimentary three page print out. While there, you are welcome to explore Jovian’s extensive website, beginning with their newcomer’s section: “New to Human Design?”  Enjoy!
Donna will be available for individual chart readings on Friday, March 8th, from 8am - 12noon.  Please call Donna by February 28th to set up your time 1-320-763-4304 or email her at djghouse@charter.netThe first three or four people to call will receive a formal Overview reading while she is in Des Moines on Friday. 

Presenter Donna Garlinghouse is licensed by Jovian Archive Corporation as an Individual and Family Analyst, a Living Your Design Guide and an ABC’s Teacher.  She has studied piano, religion, art education/ art history and philosophy, with careers as an art teacher and fiber artist.  Stepping stones include an MS degree in Art Education from the UO (Oregon) with a year’s study in Europe.  She spent decades exploring the lives of the Christian mystics, studying the Course in Miracles, teaching Reiki and advocating for the disenfranchised, but – except for being a grandmother - nothing has captured her imagination or proved to be more personally empowering in its practicality than has the Human Design System, which she has dedicated herself to for the past 12 years.

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