Sunday, June 23, 2013

July 11th - Common Thread Group

The Common Thread Group meets the first Thursday of the month (Due to the 4th of July Holiday we are moving it to July 11th)  in Waveland Hall at Plymouth Church beginning at 7pm.

Most months we will have a special guest speaker.
Usually we will open with a brief meditation, followed by a few short announcements. (We ask that you, please, be respectful of our presenters by keeping these short. You may place additional information on the tables for people to review.) Cathy Lindsey will give her report on the astrological aspects for month.
For more on Cathy Lindsey's astrological information please go to:

Our speaker for July 11th is Ron Head.

Ron is originally from Florida.  While in the military, stationed in Okinawa, Ron was introduced to Buddhism and married a Japanese native.  Subsequently, he was stationed at Offutt Air Force base in Omaha, so he does understand us Midwesterners a bit.  After being discharged, he wound up back in Florida, ultimately retiring from business in 2008.  In 2009 he became interested in Theta Healing and has studied it seriously ever since.  In 2012 he became a channel for Archangel Michael and has been posting those sessions on his blog: .  His work is highly respected in the international spiritual internet community and his channelings are often reposted in other spiritual sites.

Earlier this year Ron had a QHHT session with our own Suzanne Spooner while she was visiting in Florida.  It has resulted in Ron's moving to Des Moines so that they can collaborate on a book.

For his presentation to Common Thread, Ron intends to give an introduction of himself, expanding on the above bio, then describe how he got into channeling.  Ron said, "I will see if there is a channeling that AA Michael wants to give for the group and read it if there is.  I have never channeled live and don’t want to start in front of 100 people."  Ron also intends to give a free introduction to Theta Healing, the aim being to have fun with it.  He will then open to any questions on either topic.



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