Sunday, June 29, 2008

July 3rd - Common Thread Group

In many ways our world seems to be turning upside down right now.... with extreme weather conditions, flooding, the price of gas, and the negative news in which we are inundated on a daily basis. It's hard to stay positive and centered!!!! This beautiful group of people brings positive love and light energy to wipe away this illusion we call life! What amazing souls you all are!

It has been suggested that we utilize our wonderfully focused, powerful energy to help the world even more than we currently do at the end of our meetings. We have truly helped others who have been the focus of our healing energies!

So, here's what we would like to do.........
We will still start at 7pm in the Greenwood Room, but we will have our meditation first while we are still fresh and wide awake. At 7pm we will begin a 15 minute meditation (sitting, not standing). If you choose not to be a part of the meditation, please join us at 7:15pm. If you arrive after we have begun the meditation, please quietly join us or remain outside until we have finished.

Our meeting this month will be an open forum. It was suggested last month, that we share some of our own personal metaphysical experiences. From conversations I've had with many of you, I know angels have played huge rolls in some of your lives, and many of you are extremely psychically gifted. We'd love to hear your stories! In order for everyone to share, please keep your stories short and succinct. It should be a fun and interesting evening getting to know each other better. I, also, find that hearing other people talk about their experiences, helps me relate better to my own, building confidence and ridding doubt!

August 7th - Common Thread Group
Corrine Switzer will give a talk about her new book, The Reality of the Illusion and her self-healing system, “The Science of Vibrational Medicine”. She created the healing system for each individual to be released from conventional medicine and become the authority in their own health. This information will also provide an understanding with a person’s spiritual nature to help them navigate in life without fear and with purpose. With a personal endorsement of her system by Dr. Norman Shealy, Corrine’s session will also include hands-on demonstrations with some very practical, beneficial information.

"It is now the time in our evolution and existing levels of understanding that we view our health, both mentally and physically; that we are eternal light-beings opposed to temporary carbon-based units on the earth by some cosmic happen-stance.” Corrine says. “The results I have seen with this process are nothing short of miraculous. I am so happy that I am in a supportive environment and I can now offer this to the public"

Currently living in Urbandale, Corrine is an intuitive, medium, Reiki master, LMT, practitioner of the healing arts, and has hopes of expanding her practice into a larger healing center for alternative medicine. Corrine’s background includes psychology, comparative religions and philosophies, and has personally studied with Donna Eden and Carolyn Myss. Most of her travels are dedicated to conventions such as the “Science of Consciousness” in Santa Fe, the A.R.E Edgar Cayce Foundation in VA Beach, and the “What is Enlightenment” salons. She promises this talk to be a very enlightening experience.

If you are interested in a personal appointment with Corrine you can contact her at 515-326-4377, or her website at which includes a great deal of information and a book directory. It is time to step out of the illusion.
Even though it is a day before a Holiday Weekend, I do hope you'll join us Thursday Evening!
With much love and light!
Bev Stone
The Common Thread Group


Heather said...

I look forward to meeting and meditating with everyone this Thursday. I have been meaning to see if there are any Urantia book readers in the group. If so, I would love to connect and study the book with fellow readers. Please feel free to contact me if this should spark your interest.

Jackie said...

We discussed in the meeting on Thursday the possibility of the Lemurians living in the inner earth. Just wanted to let you all know that Brooks Agnew will be leading an expedition team to the North Pole to see if there is an inner earth.
Stay tuned!