Monday, June 2, 2008

June 5th - Common Thread Meeting

This month we have a wonderful healer, Barbara Kerns, as our speaker!

Barbara will talk to us about SRT. According to Robert Detzler, "SRT is a meticulous process of researching the subconscious and soul records to discover and release (clear) hidden blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth." This process was developed (he says "given to") by Mr Detzler from the universe itself. SRT clears away present life negativity as well as that remaining from past lives. SRT raises the soul's level of consciousness and opens doors to our full potential, however, we must still exercise our free will. We must take the responsibility of walking through those doors. In practice, there are two positive results of SRT. First the soul always benefits even if not consciously recognized; second, most people notice improvements in their daily life. Sometimes these improvements are immediate and dramatic; often they are subtle and may take days, weeks, months & sometimes years to manifest. Barbara has worked with this system for 17 years and is still amazed at the results.

Barbara Kerns has been a student of metaphysics since her early teens. She is a graduate of the Science of Mind Course, is a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Spiritual Response Therapy Counselor/Teacher and is certified to teach Spiritual Restructuring. Barbara was introduced to Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) in 1988 at a First Iowa Dowser's meeting. A new book "Your Mind net" by Robert Detzler was the subject of discussion that day. Barbara purchased a copy and by 1991 had become a serious student of "SRT" earning her Certified Counselor's Certificate, and soon after, qualified as a Certified Teacher. Her training has been under the direction of Robert Detzler personally. Barbara continues to keep her qualifications for consulting and teaching current. You can reach her by phone at 515 289 0518 or by e-mail at

Looking forward to seeing you Thursday night at 7pm
Plymouth Congregational Church, Greenwood Room, 42nd & Ingersoll, Des Moines, IA

Fill each day with love and light!
Bev Stone
The Common Thread Group

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