Wednesday, June 24, 2009

July 2nd - Common Thread Group

Our next meeting on Thursday, July 2nd, will start at 7pm, and will be back in the Greenwood Room. We will begin with our short meditation, Cathy Lindsey will give our July astrology reading, and we'll have a few announcements. Susan and Paul Kellogg from the American Leadership College will be our speakers this month.

Their presentation will be:

Three “D”s of Practical Intuition: Demystify, Discern and Decisive

Everyone is psychic. Everyone has inner guidance. To find our own answers, we need only ask and then know how to “listen.” It is important to know who is on the other end of the line. The Kelloggs have worked with many sensitives (empaths, channelers, intuitives, healers, etc.) to help them become more aware and refined in discerning “what is me” and “what is not me”. Paul and Susan will share on keys to taking the mystery out of ESP and the importance of discernment to make that natural sensitivity work for me, not against me. To FEEL (sense), to THINK (discern) and then to ACT.

Here is a little information on Paul and Susan:

Certified angel and Practical Intuition consultants Paul and Susan Kellogg have recently returned from an international tour of Australia and New Zealand, sharing tools and techniques from a program nationally acclaimed for its common-sense approach to the “mystical” experiences of our lives. Through their community and international programs in 5 countries, the Kelloggs have helped thousands of people to use their practical intuition to find solutions to the challenges of daily living, with inner peace, inner direction and greater soul to soul living. They have enjoyed raising five children, helping each to use their unique “old soul” talents to enjoy life and find ways to make a difference on the journey.

Americana Leadership College
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