Monday, August 10, 2009

Where are the Vortexes?

What are the exact locations of the vortexes?
You can Google Central Iowa Vortex or go to the link below
**Thank you Rodger Routh for your time and creation of the videos. I want to also acknowledge your creativity and artistry.

1. Old library downtown Des Moines, (between the river and the building?) There is a new retaining wall that has been built on the East Side of the library, south of the YMCA. It jets out in a semi circle and this is where the center is. If you turn toward the library you will see a green door. If you turn toward the river the Simon Estes Amphitheater will be directly across from you.

2. Oak Grove by Saylorville on NW Polk City Drive, north of the visitors center- Oak Grove picnic area, shelter number 2, go to the back of the shelter. You may feel the energy as you drive into the park. Beware as you go back to the Vortex as the fringes are covered with Poison Ivy. I have not seen any in the lawn area. If you are coming from Des Moines you can take 35 north to First Ave Ankeny exit, turn left and take First Ave west to NW Polk City Drive, turn right and look for the Oak grove sign. You will think you are driving into a residential area, just keep going.

3. Saylorville Visitors Center Check out the video above, it has actually grown to where you can feel it in the parking area. It is behind the building, look for the silver propane tank and look down; poison ivy and ferns surround the center. When you go behind the visitor’s center take the ramp and walk toward the silver propane tank. When you are at the end of the ramp look to the left, this is where you will see two trees that have fallen in between 3 other trees making an X.
Open your hearts to the experience, you may or may not feel anything and that is OK. You will still benefit from the energies.

I remember going to Sedona years ago and not feeling anything at the Vortexes. It takes practice and patience and a willingness to tune in.
Ask yourself this question, if I felt something I wonder what that would feel like? I promise it will eventually come.
I would also like to invite people to send me their contact information so I can keep them posted on updates I get.
Kevin Thoren

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